Aurélien de Whereez , 13/02/2021

No, 2020 was not only the year of COVID-19!

2020 was also, and above all, the year when team building in physics came to a standstill.

And let's face it, you miss seeing your colleagues stumble during a company challenge, or one too many drinks in your hand during a party!

In the last year, you've never spent so much time alone in front of your computer.

We won't lie to ourselves, but work doesn't necessarily rhyme with health or joy.

Fortunately, we have reinvented ourselves! And fortunately, we have found our own vaccine :)

Its name? DIGITAL.

Our anti-morosity "laboratory" in the company had to provide you with its 10 most effective doses.

Discover our selection! Our TOP 10 of the most unusual online team building activities!

To never stop putting cohesion at the heart of your company's values!

10 - ESCAPE GAME : Crazy night in the Red Light district / The heist of the century

Locked in a room, you have 1 hour to get out, by solving all the riddles around you.

If you miss the classic Escape Game, discover the first digital Escape Game.

Divided into teams, you will have to help each other solve the riddles, move from room to room and discover the solution!

Choice of scenarios:

Crazy Night in the Red Light District: I'm asking for a quote!

Yesterday, you were at a party. You have just woken up in another city... Handcuffed to each other!

One of your colleagues is missing. But what happened?

Will you be able to find out what you did during this eventful evening, find your friend and above all avoid any problems?

The heist of the century: I want a quote!

With this pressure heist, your team will be transported in a high risk adventure where no mistake will be allowed.

An immersive experience that plunges the participants into the heart of a heist where they will not be mere spectators. They will have to guide a henchman on site, foil the security system and ensure the success of the robbery. All this in less than 1 hour and without being spotted by the police.

The experience consists of pre-recorded videos, escape game mechanisms. The experience is composed of pre-recorded videos, escape game mechanisms and the live participation of an actor who will interact with the players and act according to your decisions.

9 - COOKING WORKSHOP "Culinary Escapes

All participants receive the necessary ingredients for the workshop at home a few days before the event.

They will then enjoy a cooking workshop with 1 or 2 recipes, led by chef-animators on video!

On the day, after receiving the "Ingredients Box": Welcome of the participants and Ice-breaker - Cooking workshop to prepare 1 or 2 recipes, guided by a Chef who encourages, asks riddles and leads several challenges during the workshop.

Some ideas for recipes:

- Asian veggie burger: lemon bean patty with coriander mustard.

- Chayote gratin with smoked bacon and black cow's milk cheese

- Pan-fried squid with paneang curry

- Turkey escalope and blue radish tzazíki

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8 - TV QUIZZ BY TEAM: Who wants to be a millionaire?

"Yes, that's my last word, Jean-Pierre!

It's your turn to play and challenge your colleagues on one of the most entertaining activities of the moment: a personalised and animated TV Quiz.

An immersion in the skin of a TV game candidate!

On the programme: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, JeoPardy, various TV Quizzes and even "N'oubliez pas les paroles" for guaranteed laughs!

The host will ask you a series of questions on a variety of themes and with each answer you can move up the points scale, but be careful, each time you stumble, you fall back to the previous level.

Will you manage to avoid the traps?

You can even personalise the quizzes, on the theme of your choice.

Suggested themes: Cinema - General knowledge - 70s-80s-90s - Music - Series - Disney - Christmas - Advertising - Heroes from your childhood...

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7 - QUESTION FOR A CHEESE : The connected cheese tasting

The surprise, unusual, gourmet and high-end activity! And above all, it comes to you!

Everyone receives the same box and meets up for a live tasting session co-hosted by a host and one of the MOF Cheesemakers!

Connect and meet all your colleagues for a giant live cheese tasting.

And to make the workshop really fun, and above all, because you learn better by having fun: Cheese quizzes, anecdotes and questions/answers will be on the programme.

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Alternative workshop: " Questions for a Pinard ". The wine tasting workshop, with a cheese pairing. The playful principle remains the same and the delivery is also offered to you.

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6 - MURDER PARTY : The giant Cluedo

A culprit is hiding among you!

Play the role of an investigator and take part in a life-size Cluedo. The first online police investigation, with more than 15 scenarios to choose from: "Handcuff me if you can", the murder of a film star, murder in front of a castle in a wine-growing area, the murder of a woman in a small town in the south of France.there's something for everyone!

A witness and a commissioner as actors. And the investigators: you!

These little murders among yourselves are an opportunity to exercise your perspicacity by solving a police investigation.

Observation of the crime scene, interviewing the witness, questioning the suspects, analysing the forensic evidence... Put cohesion at the heart of your thinking. And find the culprit!

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5 - PLANT WORKSHOP : Terrarium - Plant dial - Kokédama

What if you took advantage of being at home to develop the "green thumb" that is hidden in you?

You don't need anything. We deliver a kit with all the necessary material.

In a videoconference, you will plunge your hands into the earth to create your indoor mini-garden.

With the help of our animators, specialists in plant art.

On the programme, and according to your preference, you will be able to create a Kokedama, a floral Terrarium or even a plant frame.

Stimulate your creativity through a manual, fun and natural workshop, directly from your home!

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4 - CINEMA WORKSHOP : Rewriting and dubbing your favourite scenes

Yes, we can imagine, the idea of seeing your office colleague do the voice of Zezette in " Le Père Noël est une ordure " is already a cult!

The principle is simple: your colleagues transform the original dialogue of a cult sequence, then in a virtual post-synchronisation studio, record the new texts. Dubbing of the sequences by team. Some sequences have 3, 4 or 5 characters, so that everyone can practice dubbing.

You can choose the films you want. But don't worry, we have the experience and experience to come up with the wackiest and funniest dialogues and films.

Turn your employees into scriptwriters, dialogue writers and voice actors!

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You've always loved drinking...

You've always dreamed of being that skilful bartender who swung the bottles and poured a colourful liquid into a finely curved glass.

Today, that bartender is you! And the bar is none other than your "home"!

You will receive, at home, a box for each participant, including everything you need to make 1 or 2 recipes, with or without alcohol.

An interactive workshop of 30 minutes to 1 hour will then be offered.

Only the glassware and ice cubes are to be paid for by the participants.

Discover together the of mixology and learn to make several delicious cocktails with an expert and passionate mixologist.

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This one, we are sure you never thought of!

From a distance, discover the secrets of magic and put them into practice!

The activity takes place in 2 parts:

1- Participatory visual magic show: visual magic, digital magic and mentalism tricks. The guests are invited to participate in an interactive way.

2- Initiation workshop: Cutting and revealing tricks.

Learning the secrets and techniques. Putting into practice, all together. All questions answered.

So, are you ready to discover who will be the new Gérard Majax of the office?

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1 - VIRTUAL CASINO - Enter the heart of a Casino evening!

The last time we went to a Casino, we didn't know the term "cluster", nor the term "barrier gestures"...

Here, it is a real reproduction of a casino evening that we offer you.

We provide you with 3 to 6 tables and chips.

Just like in a real casino, sit around the tables virtually and play as long as you have "credits" left.

When the "wallet" gets low, you can join our quiz game.

With your smartphone, you will have to answer questions of all kinds: culture, music, cinema, sport...

Each correct answer allows you to recharge your credit and go back to the game tables.

You will find the following games: Black Jack - Chuck A Luck - Roulette - Wheel of Fortune - Quiz Room

All this, with real croupiers!

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-------- BONUS --------

Some activities deserved this TOP 10! Original and unexpected, we couldn't end this article without telling you about them!

Online DJ training:

A visit/visioconference on Parisian Chinatown: I request a quote!

An online writing workshop: I request a quote!

A musical Blind Test: I request a quote!

Logic and reflection challenges: I request a quote!

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