Aurélien de Whereez , 30/09/2022

2023, we thought we would no longer be able to surprise companies in Paris... and elsewhere!

We thought you had already seen it all! You've done it all!

Video seminars, Team Buildings, everyone at home behind a screen...

Even in person, you thought you had used up all your cartridges. And each time, you find THE famous activity to satisfy everyone!

However, 2023 will surprise you!

Here are the Top 10 Team Building activities to do in Paris in 2023!

Surprise your colleagues, offer them a moment of cohesion around an activity they didn't even know existed!

(Be careful, no order of preference in this ranking! We like the 1st as much as the 10th! And we find the 10th one just as exciting as the 1st one!)

10 - Corporate Fort Boyard

2023, the flagship series of the summer will be back in the news!

And this time, you will be the actors!

A brand new, totally immersive animation that will plunge you into the atmosphere of the series.

Disguised animators will challenge you on several tests of the Fort game!

For example: blowpipe stand, 5 challenges as for the masters of time, "Father Fouras" quiz game...

Bring your childhood series back to life! And leave with as many "Boyards" as possible!

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9 - The Quiz Room : 1st "TV Games" room

A room fitted out as a TV set to host team quizzes.

The adrenalin will be there!

Here, no last word, no Jean-Pierre Foucault, but a room that plunges us into the atmosphere of a TV set.

The scores and questions are displayed in real time on the screen in front of you!

1 to 3 people maximum per buzzer desk, compete against each other and win an award!

In Paris, but also in Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Rennes, Lyon and Maçon.

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8 - The 1st Cinema-Karaoke in France!

Stand out from the crowd by offering a totally new and immersive concept to your teams.

Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Sing-Along, where the concept has been all the rage for many years, enjoy a festive experience full of emotions around cult musical films projected in karaoke version!

Rediscover cult musical films in a festive atmosphere!

Your team is about to have a great time! Here, getting up, dancing, singing and laughing is recommended.

Choose your film and enjoy an intense, musical, cinematic and certainly nostalgic evening!

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7 - Squid Game Challenge

You used to rush home from work to watch your favourite series. Soon you'll be rushing to work to play a role in your current series!

The phenomenon series of 2021 is back in 2023 with its second season... And its Team Building too!

Get in the game! Step into the arena!

Put on the red outfit and challenge your colleagues on all the games of the series!

We won't tell you more... 1, 2, 3, sun !

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6 - The Textile Fresco - The R.S.E Workshop

We carry it with us every day and it's a distinctive sign for many... no, it's not about money, but about clothes!

Never has access to clothes been so easy.

Today, everything can be bought, resold, thrown away... Online sites are legion. You can buy a t-shirt online for a party... and then repeat the operation with a pair of jeans.

Involve your colleagues in this awareness-raising process by taking part in a fun and original R.S.E workshop.

The aim of this "serious game" is to raise awareness and educate participants about environmental issues and the background of the textile industry.

The workshop also aims to explain the main actions to be implemented for a more sustainable fashion and to promote the "slow fashion" lifestyle without being in the "Fashion Bashing", then to open discussions between participants on the subject.

I request a Textile Fresco!

Other possible Frescoes: Digital - mobility - waste - climate... I request another Fresco!

5 - Big Quiz on the 90's!

Beware, nostalgia and laughter are on the agenda!

First of all, do you remember Hélène et les Garçons? The "Who spat in my Yop" ad?

On the programme, a quiz on TV shows, a game on films in the style of "Le Juste Prix", a blind test on advertisements and series from the 90s...

All of this in a 100% 90's decor! With accessories of the time, and 2 hosts completely "looked" 90'!

Ready to go? K7 in the VCR? Let's go !

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4 - Sensory Challenges - Workshops of the 5 senses, in the dark.

Solve surprising sensory challenges in near total darkness.

Up to 30 people per session and during 2 hours, (re)discover the unsuspected power of your 5 senses.

Your mission is to pass through 6 sensory workshops and 3 SAS. In Paris, but also in Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Mulhouse, Caen, Nice, Rennes, Strasbourg.

We bet you'll be stunned... your feet to the ceiling (no, it's not just an image!)

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3 - An immersive heist in the heart of Paris

Between Escape Game and immersive theatre, discover the new live "immersive adventure" in Paris!

Up to 12 people per session, take part in a unique experience, between GTA Vice City and Ocean's Eleven, with a touch of Breaking Bad.

Gangsters with questionable morals, a story of revenge and a retro 80's soundtrack combine to immerse you in the atmosphere of a Paris that rhymes with Miami.

With actors who make this activity a mix between role-playing and immersive theatre.

A real experience that lasts a little over 2 hours in the Montgallet area.

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2 - The "KooLanta of the environment": the Olympics of the planet

You know the Koh-Lanta of the company, we go even further by offering you challenges on environmental themes.

Together, you will face 4 natural elements: earth, air, wind and fire.

Try to light a fire with natural charcoal, collect as much rubbish as possible with an eco-clamp on a course littered with rubbish, carry as much water as possible and fill a bucket with large bamboos...

Laughter and a great atmosphere guaranteed!

Ideal outdoors but can also be played indoors. Offer a "responsible" activity to your company!

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1 - Batman Gotham City Game : The biggest immersive Escape Game in France

It has been said that there are no real rankings but this one is certainly the most ambitious project.

This "Escape Game" available in early 2023, in an undisclosed location in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, is being developed in collaboration with DC Comics & Warner Bros.

Batman Gotham City Adventures will be the largest immersive escape game in France with 3000m² of dedicated space and 3 unique and thrilling scenarios.

Get ready to meet the iconic characters of Gotham City in exclusive sequences.

Don't wait, request your Batmobile now!

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Of course, we still have dozens of activities and workshops to offer you. In Paris and elsewhere.

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