A tent "Drone Piloting" comes to you!


Initiations, immersion flight and drone piloting with the glove connected under a "tent cage".

2 cages (70m2 and 40m2), which can be combined into a single cage (110m2).

The choice of location is up to the customers since we have the possibility of moving these cages.

Initiation, immersion flight, and piloting with the glove.

We propose races (simple or with balloons to burst), obstacle courses as well as the activity of driving a drone with blindfolded eyes, thanks to the information provided by his teammate who owns the helmet of immersion.

For immersion, you will enjoy a flight at the border between reality and virtual reality thanks to this concept of immersion flight.

You'll drive a drone with specially designed goggles to see in real time what the drone sees through an on-board camera.

The average flight time per person is 30 minutes.

Prices vary according to demand and number of participants.

Maximum capacity in the 110m2 cage is 10-15 persons. Event up to 300 people over a full day.

Example of a typical day:

Opening of the event: Participants will be invited in groups to test the drone piloting. Different activities will be proposed and each session will last about 25 minutes. For each group, there will be a 3-minute briefing and then they can test each activity in turn.

Activity 1: Introduction to UAV piloting. Each participant will be given a drone to fly on sight. We'll teach them to take off, make turns, rotate, fly in the opposite direction...

Activity 2: Introduction to immersed piloting. Thanks to our drones equipped with cameras, the apprentice pilots will be able to pilot as if they were inside the drone via our immersion helmets which transmit in real time what the drone sees.

Activity 3: Participants will be able to compete and do mini drone races on the course.

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Paris - Ile de France

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