Bike rides for people with disabilities


Walks accessible to people with disabilities with the setting up of adapted group tours, from one to two hours.

The adapted bicycle allows access to leisure activities combined with physical activity. It is possible for a large number of disabilities (for example, the recumbent tricycle offers many advantages, especially in terms of mobility and mobility. It is easier to master than a classic bicycle, it is rewarding).

These handi-bike rides allow groups of disabled people to practice a playful physical activity. They allow you to escape for a few hours during an original stroll and work on your motor skills!


The aim of these walks is to:

give technical skills to master the adapted bike.

physical activity

develop autonomy and motor skills


ATTENTION: these walks are only possible if your organization has qualified animators to supervise disabled people. Or specialized educators.


Each participant will be given teaching aids, studs, a toolkit and a pharmacy kit.

On the agenda:

Familiarity with the bike,





revision of the fundamentals,


stand on the pedals,

gear shifting,

group circulation,

a short walk in town, respecting the rules of safety and traffic.

Number of participants: minimum 4 persons, maximum 10 persons for a facilitator.

Place of practice: From the Villette for children, from the Bois de Vincennes for adults. Possibility to travel to other sites, but include travel costs.

Accompaniment: The group must be supervised by specialized educators. No individual output.


A few testimonies:

"Bicycle activity is of real interest since it allows us to work on motor coordination and lateralisation."

"This outdoor activity allows you to get out of the institution, be outside, escape and exercise your powers of observation."

Included services
  • Transportation
  • Guided tour
  • Entry ticket

211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris

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AICV Paris

L’association AICV (Animation Insertion Culture & Vélo) est la première vélo-école de la région parisienne avec plus de 250 personnes accueillies chaque année (enfants, adultes, personnes handicapées) et bénéficiant des cours d’apprentissage dispensés par les animateurs de la structure.

L’AICV, présente notamment à Paris et en Seine-Saint-Denis (93), gère une structure fondée sur un projet économique et social alliant des activités marchandes (location et réparation de vélos) et des activités non marchandes comme la vélo-école, un projet vélo et handicap, la formation et l’insertion de ses salariés, le recyclage de bicyclette.

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