Survival Stage - Team Building


Program to be defined at the time of your request.

Here is an overview of a survival internship program for Team Building:

To survive in the wilderness, it is necessary to show skill, resistance and solidarity!

Equipped with a road book and a survival kit, each team will have to develop its skills and pass different tests allowing them to become true "Survivor"!

During one of your quad outings, you wanted to cross a flooded river! Your quad has been stuck in the middle of the road! No one knows where you are, no homes within a 15 km radius, it's late, you're cold,... You just fell into survival situation. You have to think quickly and carefully: what are your priorities? Water, fire, food, shelter...?

1 - MOUNT ITS ABRI: each team will have to build a shelter for 6 people with integrated floor mat and only 2 tarpaulins and 7 wooden stakes. Time limited 45 min. (At the end of the test an artistic and functional mark will be awarded).

2 - MAKING FIRE: Because fire is life! Because knowing how to make fire means staying human, because having fire allows you to be dry, because eating cooked meat is better! Each team will have to make fire with two pieces of wood and a bow (friction technique). A demonstration will be given in front of each team to understand the correct gestures. Time limited 40min.

3 - EAT: Initiation test to become a true "survivor" (insects and eyes of fish to be tasted without moderation). This workshop will reveal the motivation of the teams! 6 bowls turned over will close delicious little things to eat. Snacks full of protein. Time limited 15 min. At the end of the event a speed score will be awarded.

4 - Orientation: A classic compass orientation test with a reminder of the main principles of heading, aiming, etc. Each team will have to find a path among the vegetation to reach the "civilization". Each crossing point will be described or photographed by the teams. Time limited 60 min. At the end of the event a speed score will be awarded.

5 - SUBMISSION OF RESULTS: At the end of the events, the guide will announce the final ranking. Thus, the best will be rewarded with a "diploma of the best survivor", a T-shirt made from corn fiber and bamboo.


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Stage de Survie

Proposé par Denis Tribaudeau : Fort de 30 ans de voyages et d'expériences dans les coins les plus improbables de la planète, il a effectué le tour de l'Europe à pied. Formé à l'école de la nature, il encadre depuis plus de 8 ans les stages de survie partout sur la planète. Il est capable de coacher les plus grands aventuriers comme les enfants. Plus de 2 000 personnes sont passées entre ses mains ! Avec son approche de la survie basée sur la compréhension de l'environnement pour mieux en faire partie il vous montrera les astuces et tout son savoir pour survivre "dans la bonne humeur".

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