The Escape Game-Yourte that travels to your location!


Yourtes who travel to your premises or events for Escape Game sessions!

This is now a reality!

A team of professionals who come to you with different scenarios and workshops to make you spend a day of puzzles and immersions in fantastic worlds!

The duration of the activity varies according to the number of participants and the number of games chosen.


Outdoor escape room?

In a hut, a yurt or a tipi, discover escapes room outdoor designed for a change of scenery and an escapade in a natural environment.

Hosted by our guardians from Siberia, Mongolia and North America, you will be immersed in the world and the history of nomadic populations.

Will you be up to the challenge with four other players and try to escape in less than an hour?



The Book of Balances contains a secret. It is said to contain all the secrets of humanity. Where it comes from, why Man was created. It explains war and peace, life and death, nature and space, the virus and the microbe... All the great balances of this world. Everything is linked to the Great Balance.

To preserve the secret of the Book, each nomadic people has been entrusted with one of the pieces of the puzzle that leads to the sanctuary that contains the manuscript.

These peoples have, in secret of their habitats, built temples. Each of these places contains one of the pieces of the Puzzle. Once assembled, they will form the map to the sanctuary.

The secret of the temples was revealed by François Chackler at the beginning of the 19th century. If you continue the quest for the Book, the temples and the secret they contain, it is because the echo of his adventure has resonated with you.


The different games:

The Yurt of Alaanbaatar

The guardian of this temple is a Mongolian nomad: Alaanbaatar. Heir to the secret of the book of balances, he made this Yurt his temple. Alaanbaatar is passionate about objects, wood and elements. All that surrounds it is the occasion of the realization of a game, a puzzle. He used this talent to design a temple while it was being manipulated.

In this temple is hidden one of the pieces of the map that will lead you to the sanctuary that contains The BOOK. To find her, you must know the secret of this temple.

 Gantulga Yurt, the heart of stone

The guardian of this temple is a Mongolian nomad: Gantulga. Heir to the secret of the Book of Balances, he made this Yurt his temple.

Gantulga travelled beyond the Mongolian plains. From his travels, he brought back objects and knowledge that made him master in the art of manipulation and puzzles. His temple is inspired by the methods and techniques he was taught by guards from other lands.

The Tipi of Tokela, Son of Sharp Spirit

The guardian of this temple is a Sioux descended from the nomads of the North American plains: Tokela. Heir to the secret of the Book of Balances, he made his Tipi a temple.

Tokela is an expert shaman in the art of manipulation and concealment. Skillful with his hands, he knows how to make the secrets that will protect his temple.

The Yurt of Alagh, the Mongolian rider

The guardian of this temple is a Mongolian nomad: ALAGH. Heir to the secret of the Book of Balances, he made this Yurt his temple.

He drew his inspiration from the wide open spaces around him to hide the piece of the map that leads to the Book of Balances.


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Un escape room en plein air ? 

Dans une cabane, une yourte ou un tipi, découvrez des escapes room outdoor conçus pour un dépaysement assuré et une escapade dans un milieu naturel. Accueilli par nos gardiens de Sibérie, de Mongolie et d'Amérique du Nord, vous serez immergé dans le monde et l'histoire des populations nomades. Tous héritiers du secret du Livre des Équilibres qui renferme à lui seul tous les mystères de la Terre et de l'humanité. À chaque gardien son énigme, ses indices, sa logique et sa solution pour sortir de la room escape.

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