Virtual Reality Tournament - Privatization


Take advantage of this unique space in the heart of Paris to animate your team building, various animations, birthdays...

Enjoy 200m2 dedicated to the best of virtual reality. More than a place of cutting-edge technology, it is the first arcade room dedicated to virtual reality in Paris.

A space specially designed to offer the ideal conditions to experience the best of virtual reality. Our goal is to give you access to the best of current and future experiences.

More than twenty possible experiments, individual or multiplayer, climbing, travel, archery, drones, rhythm game, drawing.

In an arcade room dedicated to virtual reality, immerse yourself in parallel worlds!

The room is composed of various play and relaxation areas with specific designs.

On the ground floor, it is the Westworld spirit, the 2016 phenomenon series that inspired the designers with a very pure white.

In the basement, Tron lovers will find the mythical lines of the saga around the playgrounds.

Discreet but also very impressive, the mix reality room (increased reality & virtual reality) in the colours of Matrix offers players an unforgettable immersion!

Among more than 20 universes:

Recall Robot

Eve Valkyrie

- Dead and Buried

The Lab

Space Pirate Trainer

- The climb

Audioshield - Audioshield

The Unspoken

? I expect you to die?

- Ripcoil

Google Earth VR

Tilt Brush

Raw Data

- Serious Sam

Arizona Sunshine

And many more to discover on site!



The privatization of the hall includes:

9 room-scale VR stations, i. e. a box of 8 to 9m² for one player at a time.

4 seated RV stations, i. e. a seated station for simulating a car or spacecraft.

so the possibility of having 13 people play simultaneously

waiting areas where people who don't play can admire the prowess of their colleagues!

an accompanying team throughout the service

A tournament will be held between all participants!

Included services
  • Entry ticket

35 Rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris

Our partner

Mind Out

200m² dédié à la réalité virtuelle à Paris. Seul ou à plusieurs, débutant ou initié, vivez la réalité virtuelle dans les meilleures conditions !

Bien plus qu’un lieu de technologique de pointe, MindOut est la première salle d’arcade dédiée à la réalité virtuelle à Paris.

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