The Arsène Lupin test - Evening entertainment Animation


An ideal game, based on Arsène Lupin, to liven up a lunch or dinner.


The famous outlaw Arsène Lupin is looking for his successors. To join his ranks, he will subject the participants to a series of missions.

The objective: to impress him! At the end of the test, the best team of thieves will have the honour of being considered as a worthy successor to the Gentleman Burglar!


As a team, players must accumulate the most loot during the game by completing as many burglary missions as possible to impress Arsène!

How it works

During a party, a dinner or a seminar, the players are divided into several teams. Each team has a mission sheet to complete.

The teams will have to complete as many missions as possible in 01h30 to score points.

Course of the game

During the event, the host, disguised as Arsène Lupin, intervenes to set the mood and explain the rules of the game to all the players who are then divided into teams of 5 to 10 players.

- Each team has a sheet summarising the list of missions and the corresponding points.

- Each mission is very concrete. To confirm the success of a mission, the team must deposit its booty in its chest placed near the host.

- The host intervenes from time to time to announce the provisional ranking of the teams and to revitalise the game.

- At the end of 1h30, the host analyses all the teams' loot and calculates the final score, then announces the ranking of the first 5 teams.


It is necessary to have a space where the players can move around. The game can take place during a cocktail party or a sit-down dinner.

A space with a photocall is a plus.


Photobooth / Photocall

Reward for the 3 winning teams (organic and artisanal chocolates)

Photo report

Room reservation & catering

From 50 to 500 players.

Duration: 01H30

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