Hero: a new kind of Korean restaurant!


A totally original 2-storey frame with seats on the counter that surrounds an open kitchen...

Surprising and tasty inventive cocktails (such as Makolada made up of, among others, Makgeolli, rum, coconut milk, pineapple, kalamansi, lime, etc.).

Sparkling, spicy and gastronomic plates that will make you travel to Korea!

The chicken is exceptional (the chicken fried in garlic with its spicy Gochujang sauce is addictive). The Buns, fall to the ground.

The "supreme rice" has an incomparable flavour.


In short, don't say too much... you have to make an appointment!


And the big crazy bonus of the chic and shock: your meal will be accompanied by a selection of over thirty years of French and English hip-hop, and also with a wide choice of the latest K-pop hits.

Tuesday to Sunday: 12H-14H30 / 19H-23H


289 rue Saint Denis, 75002 Paris

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