Turnkey picnic for your group meal Caterer


It's simple, you choose your menu, from the famous sausage rougail to the shrimp carriage, and the location of your picnic (a beach, a picnic area with an "outdoor fire pit").

Our Chef takes care of bringing all the food and organising the picnic from A to Z.

Under his guidance and instruction, your entire team will get to work preparing the picnic... and then get their feet under... the mat!

The Prestige Picnic consists of :

- Welcome punch, fresh guava juice

- Aperitif: Sweet crisps, samoussas, chilli sweets or fritters depending on the event...

- Rice & Grain

- 2 carry-overs of your choice (Ti'Jaque shrimps, chicken carri, sausage rougail... or other)

- Dessert (banana candy for example) and Coffee

Included: Cutlery: plates, forks, knives, glasses, napkins, tablecloths, benches.

Background music based on traditional music!

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