Children's Philosophy Workshop: Freedom, for what?


Can we live without others?

Why did people decide to live together, in a family, city or country?

Is it because, as Aristotle suggests, man is a "political animal", who lives by nature in society?

Or is the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes right in asserting that human beings behave like "wolves" among themselves, and that they therefore need to be protected from each other by the force of the state?

A little "analysis" of the playground may help us sort out the issue...  


Talk to the little philosophers!

The Philosophy Workshop begins with a discussion around an issue.

When our children ask us questions about the world around them, what kind of parent did not come up with the answers, or confuse them with our words when we have time... But what do they really think of them and what do others think?

We will also help ourselves with the thinking of philosophers who have already addressed these issues, but these references will only be used to advance the original thinking of our budding philosophers!

The children will then be asked to write or draw around their impressions and thoughts about the discussion that has just taken place. At the end of the session, each child will present his/her drawing and/or text to the other children.

Selling-dedication of the children's philosophy book:"Why am I not a griffin? An adventure with Plato ".

Children from 5 to 11 years old!



La REcyclerie 83 boulevard Ornano 75018 Paris

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