Digitopuncture: acupuncture without needles

Digitopuncture (also called acupressure) is based on the theory of the 14 major acupuncture meridians. These 14 meridians constitute real channels of the vital energy called CHI in Chinese medicine, and they are connected to the main vital organs of the body. This interrelationship between meridians and internal organs explains why, for example, pressing on certain points of the foot can tone up an organ as distant as the liver.

Digitopuncture consists of making fingertip pressure movements along the nerve circuits to stimulate the body and organs that can be tired. A digitopuncture session has a curative role by toning, stimulating, carrying out an action on the blood circulation, on the lymphatic system, on the muscular system.

Thus, the therapist acts on the energetic circulation and restores balance by bringing comfort.


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