Flight simulator - Airliner and/or Fighter Activity


Enjoy an extraordinary experience at the controls of one of our flight simulators!

You don't need to have any knowledge of aeronautics. Fans and beginners alike can take the controls of the flight simulators! Accompanied by an instructor, a professional pilot, you will get a first-hand feel of the pilot's job.

3 experiences to choose from:

- AIRLINE AIRPLANE SIMULATOR Airbus A32 - 35 min flight - 99€:

35 min flight + 10 min cockpit briefing

Choice of destination among 24000 airports

Professional pilot instructors - From 10 years old

- F-16 FIGHTER AIRCRAFT SIMULATOR - 35 min flight - 99€:

Ideal for novices, for a first experience at the controls of a Fighters Academy F-16 Lightning II fighter aircraft simulator.

10 min briefing and 35 min flight

Professional pilot instructors

3 accompanying persons possible, no age limit - For beginners and enthusiasts

- FULL EXPERIENCE PACK: Fighter + Airliner Simulator - 70 min flight - 179€.

Airline Discovery Pack: 45 min experience on an airliner simulator

Fighter Discovery Pack: 45 min at the controls of the F-16 Lightning II simulator.

Professional pilot instructors

3 seats in the back for accompanying persons, no age limit

OPTION 20 MINUTES MORE: Add 20 minutes of flight time to enjoy the experience even more and take an extra lap! 39€/pers.

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  • supérieur à 15 jours calendaires avant le début de l’Expérience réservée, donne droit au remboursement de 100 % du montant de la Réservation.
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