Disability awareness game Group activity


A game about disability awareness. In person or virtually.

The situation of disability can be a vector of many emotions when the participants are made aware of it. In practice, we observe that people who are made aware quickly forget the messages and neurosciences have studied why this is the case.

We have designed a game to get everyone involved and to understand their own understanding mechanisms for successful awareness raising.

In person (nomadic) or remotely.

Scenario: You are part of the Special Cold Case Unit and are assisted by Alix Richard, a genius ethologist, to decipher the behaviour of suspects.

A robbery has just been committed in the famous Banque Casteline and you must find the culprit. You have 60 minutes.

Course of action:

1 hour of participation in a police investigation. By putting our cognitive biases into practice, the players will be able to understand their obstacles with regard to people with an invisible disability.

In this police investigation, our participants play the role of police investigators and are assisted by a genius ethologist (like Patrick Jane in the series The Mentalist).

He will be of great help in deciphering the cognitive biases of the various suspects and understanding the interactions between the characters in order to discover the culprit of the crime.

Divided into teams, the players will have to collect clues and hand in their conclusions at the end of the game.

Some examples of "biases" you will encounter: The Halo effect - Negativity bias - Anchoring bias

Possible adaptation: Take the opportunity to convey your messages or work on a managerial challenge for your company.

From 10 to 200 players.

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