An axe throwing tournament Group activity


Organise a Team Building Axe Throwing event anywhere in Reunion Island. The cages move to you!

The animators challenge the teams and organise a real incentive around this unusual activity!

Want to let off steam? Throw axes AND Shurikens (ninja stars)!

Discover this unusual activity straight from North America.

The craziest team building in Reunion Island. Ideal for a recreational day or a Team Building event.

Organise a team tournament. Count the points and elect the number one Bucheron of your group!

The targets are at a distance of 4 meters. Only a few throws are needed to get the hang of this "chop".

You will be offered different types of axes to vary the sensations and the pleasure: small, big, heavy or fast.

At the beginning of each game the instructors explain the safety rules.

Axe throwing is not dangerous in itself, the safety rules and processes are there to supervise the activity as much as possible and the axes are blunt.

60 min session with:

- 10 min briefing,

- 10 min warm-up,

- 35 min of game phase,

- 5 min of conclusion and designation of the winners.

(To be adapted according to the format of your event)

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