Beach Olympics in Paris (indoor) Group activity


Copacabana in Paris: the indoor beach Olympics in Paris

And the venue can also host your business meeting and lunch!

A new indoor sports team building!

Forget about Paris beach! Here is the real Parisian beach, open even in winter and where we can let off steam with many sports activities! An ideal place for your team building in winter.

In teams, you will compete in the following activities:

Beach Soccer: Football is for everyone! We will form equal teams. The sand will help to make some small acrobatics for the most motivated!

Beach tennis: Like tennis, but without bounces and with full rackets!

BeachMinton: Like beachtennis, but with a higher net and shuttlecocks!

Tchoukball: This is a little-known sport similar to handball, where the goals are slanted trampolines. You will win if you show good team spirit!

Archery Tag: Let the battle begin! We will provide the bows and the protection and it will be up to you to advance as a team to conquer the enemy territory. A mix between adrenaline and precision!

Dodgeball: Inspired by "dodgeball", this game is a real sport. Give it your all, your honour is at stake.

Guide dog: You'll be laughing out loud when you see your blindfolded colleagues standing or crawling around looking for objects with only the sound of your team's voices.

Kin Ball: The aim is to control this big ball without it hitting the ground.

And many other challenges to discover: Ultimate Frisbee, Table tennis spinning, Beach rugby, flip-flop throwing, musical blindtest

We offer ready-made formulas or you can create your own course by choosing your challenges.

In addition :

Catering: A cocktail service can be offered as well as access to the bar to refresh yourself after the sport!

Meeting room : A meeting room is also available on site if you wish to have a working session before your team building.

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45 rue Delizy, 93500 Pantin

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