Flight simulator - Airliner and/or fighter plane (Toulouse) Group activity


Enjoy an extraordinary experience at the controls of one of our flight simulators!

A new generation centre equipped with 2 flight simulators for airliners and fighter planes!

No need to have any knowledge of aeronautics. Fans and beginners alike can take the controls of the flight simulators! Accompanied by an instructor, a professional pilot, you will experience the pilot's job first hand.

You will discover, each in turn, the piloting of an airliner and/or an F-35 fighter plane!

Cockpit briefing + flight

Choice of destination among 24000 airports

Professional pilot instructors

SEMINAR OPTION: an original meeting room for 28 people at your disposal.

With possibility of lunch/dinner cocktails: https: //whereez.com/fr/event/workspace/s/seminaire-au-sein-dun-centre-de-simulateur-de-vols-toulouse

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