Game of Code - Murder Quest outdoors in Lyon Group activity


Decipher a mysterious code...

Our game masters will lead you on the trail of a mysterious code that you will have to decipher to reveal the soul of Lyon. But beware, the cards of destiny could well turn everything upside down...

Each of you can lead his own investigation!

Our Game of Code has 2 mechanics:

1- Game of Code Fantasy: decipher a code to reveal the soul of a Lyon district.

Go on a quest to find the code that reveals the soul of Lugdunum, capital of the Gauls.

For whom: all levels

Aim: to decipher a code that reveals the soul of Lyon

How: the teams play against each other.

Advantage: the cards of destiny can topple your team or an opposing team.

2- Game of Code Story: obtain a code: the password to escape from a district.

Will you be able to escape from the Croix Rousse surrounded by the Gestapo...

For whom: all levels

Aim: to obtain a code: the password, to escape from a district of Lyon.

How: show solidarity

teams of 2 to 5 players.

With a "Game Master" (facilitator)

Duration: 02H30

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