Go to the market, then cook your lunch over a wood fire Group activity


Visit the various fair markets to stock up on fresh produce, before taking part in a wood-fired cooking workshop.

From the famous sausage rougail to the shrimp carriage, choose your dish and take part in a festive and gourmet day.

1st stage: Fair market: From 8 am, you will go through the fair market to find the best vegetables, spices, meat and fish. You will take advantage of this opportunity to talk to the fairground vendors. An expert will guide you to the best products of the island.

2nd stage: Creole cooking workshop: Everyone takes their vehicle to Sainte Suzanne. There, everyone will participate in the preparation of lunch, from the folding of the samoussa, to the tison cake, through the traditional tomato rougail and the curry on a wood fire.

3rd step: Creole lunch: Aperitif composed of chilli sweets, samoussas, and fresh fruit juice.

2 dishes: a meat and a fish with rice. 1 dessert.

The dishes prepared are, of course, adaptable from the morning, according to the desires of each.

Possibility to buy at the market of Saint-Denis, Sainte-Suzanne, Saint-Paul.

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