Ice breaker - The 4 Houses Challenge Group activity


An ideal ice breaker for companies from 30 to 1000 people.

In Paris and everywhere in France.

An ideal strategy game to break the ice and encourage players to adopt a proactive posture.


Like every year, the Ministry of Secrecy organises a gigantic convention during which its best agents compete.

They have selected you to take the ultimate step: the 4 Houses Challenge.

An inter-team challenge where you must complete as many challenges as possible to make your team win.


Facilitate informal exchanges, create an intense and dynamic moment so that all your guests will remember your event for a long time.

How it works

Players are divided by house and given short challenges to complete.

These challenges involve interacting with selected members of the other houses.

at the end of the time limit, the house with the most challenges wins.

45 minutes

30 to 1000 players

Nomadic: indoor or outdoor

Course of the game

The participants are welcomed by the facilitators who immerse them in the world of the game and divide them into 4 Houses.

- For 30 minutes, each player will collect a challenge from the facilitators, which he or she must complete with a member of another House, with the help of a member of his or her team if he or she so wishes.

For example: "get a business card from a member of a competing House".

- The idea is to mix the informal exchange with short and simple challenges.

Each time the challenge is OK, the player earns a point for his team and takes a new challenge.

- After 30 minutes of play, the facilitators count the points and announce which team is the winner!

Requirements: A meeting room, amphitheatre, café or restaurant, or an outdoor area where participants can network standing up.

Video broadcasting equipment required (not compulsory)

Ideally, the game should take place during a cocktail party.


Reward for the winners (depending on the number of awards)

Adaptation of the challenges to your issues / company

Includes adaptation of the challenges, graphic design and printing of additional deliverables.

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