Initiation and discovery of magic in teams Group activity


When presenting Magic and Mentalism 2.0, the objective is always the same: to communicate, to get your message across, to highlight your products and to share an unforgettable moment!

Our intention is to entertain your teams, create conviviality and initiate your collaborators to surprise by teaching them certain magician's secrets.

To do this, we set up learning groups of maximum 40 people.

All your employees will have a privileged moment with the magician so that the tricks can be learned easily.

The workshops are organised in 3 parts:

- Demonstration of the magician's talents

- Cutting out and revealing the tricks

- Learning the secrets and techniques

Possible customisations:

- To make your logo appear continuously on the Ipad which will be used as a support during many tricks.

- Propose a company value, a targeted message, or a "running gag" during the mentalism experience

- Appearance of a company product and make it come out of the screen during the "digital magic" part (the product must not be bigger than an iPad)

All over France!

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