Round the World Team Olympics Group activity


A Team Building "Olympiads Around the World" in the open air, around 6 events! In Paris and in several large French cities.

Olympiads and inter-team challenges that are both physical and intellectual.


In the footsteps of Jules Verne, set off to discover the world in 120 minutes. Awaken the explorer in you and reveal your true nature halfway between Phileas Fogg and Indiana Jones!

Ready to go? On the programme: European flavours and scents, American stars on tour, Egyptian-style archery, ninja course and Inca challenge!


To strengthen the bond between the teams and stimulate the competitive spirit, thanks to sporting and intellectual challenges.

How it works

Participants are divided into teams of 5 people for 6 events. At each stage, a duel will pit several teams against each other.

The ranking is established according to the performance of the teams in each of the events!


10 to 700 players

Outdoor nomad

Examples of stages

Asia: ninja course

Objectives: observation, skill and memorization

At the announcer's start, one player from each team sets off on a ninja course juggling slalom, games of skill, etc.

at the finish line is the Great Wall of China, broken down into images and transcribed onto a grid. The players have only 10 seconds to soak up the images, memorise their location and come back alive from their epic journey. Once back, the host reveals an image and asks the participants to put it back in the right place on their own grid. The team whose grid is closest to the original is declared the winner of these dexterity games.

Latin America: Inca challenge

Objectives: communication, speed

As a proven archaeologist, each team chooses its champion to be blindfolded. Blindfolded and disoriented, the chosen one will have to let himself be guided by the indications and wise advice of his team to find the beacons hidden by our animators. Once validated, these beacons will reveal a figure of the Nazca lines, a vestige of the pre-Inca civilization and culture!

Course of the game

The participants are welcomed by the leaders who explain the rules of the game and divide them into teams.

Each team goes to each workshop where it will be challenged against another team: may the best team win!

A facilitator is present at each workshop to present the challenge, have the teams play and mark the winners.

When all the workshops have been played, the participants meet up again. The facilitators debrief and announce the 3 winning teams of the world tour!

What is needed

An outdoor space such as a large park with play areas where we can decorate and set up equipment (nothing that is harmful to the environment).

We liaise with the venue to check the feasibility of the workshops.


Reward for the 3 winning teams (organic and artisanal chocolates)

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