The Odyssey: the Cultural/Creative Olympiad of the 2024 Olympic Games Group activity


Get your company involved in Paris in this "solidarity" race!

A sporty and festive time that gives the opportunity to gather your employees and your network at the end of the summer holidays but also during the months of preparation of the festival.

The Odyssey offers companies the opportunity to join the adventure by integrating a solidarity programme. With its Cultural Olympiad label, the Odyssey invites its partners to take part in the whirlwind of the 2024 Olympic Games from today.

The Odyssey adventure takes shape on the water and on land in the Paris region each year in September (and before) during its festival and its Solidarity Race.

3 possible actions around the great Odyssey, the famous solidarity initiative on the Seine:

1. Build your own sailboat. Via a large kit provided at the beginning of your adventure.

2. Participate in a "solidarity" canoe race on the Seine in September.

3. Or, in the form of a solidarity team building, the company's employees create and build an Unidentified Floating Object (a floating art object on which artists will perform)

The 3 packs / team building solidarity :


In the form of a solidarity team building, the company's employees take part in a canoe-kayak challenge on the Seine as part of the Odyssey's "Solidarity" Race, one of the festival's key events.

Alone or with 2 people per canoe, you will live an unforgettable and unique experience on the Seine. The level can be accessible to all or more sportive.

Location: on the Seine, Port de Grenelle Paris 15ème or Port de la Gare Paris 13ème.

2 possibilities according to the level of difficulty:

- the Odyssey race: easy, it is open to all levels, you just need to know how to swim!

- la Traverseine race in partnership with L'Odyssée: for amateur runners with a 15km race from Paris Gare to Paris Sèvres

Duration: half day

Dates: September 2023, L'Odyssée - 4th edition.

Capacity: 5 to 10 employees per team. Possibility to be up to 2 people per canoe-kayak.


- The organisation and festive animation of the race

- Supervision of the race (sports, safety, reception of participants on the day).

- Provision of equipment (canoes, paddles, life jackets).

- Bib with your company logo

- Participation in the Traverseine

- Information mailings to your employees

- Visibility on the Odyssey's communication media as a partner (press release/press kit, website, RS).


In the form of a solidarity team building, the company's employees create and make an Unidentified Floating Object (UFO) in a workshop led by an artist. The UFO becomes a medium of free expression. It is intended to be paraded during the Odyssey festival in September.

You will be part of a team made up of a neighbourhood association and artists (visual artists, authors, architects, street artists) and will have a strong human experience that will open up your horizons.

By joining this workshop, you support the association and its strong social impact. You participate in the professional integration of the members of your team and in the mix of practices. You will be campaigning for the shared and ecological use of waterways.

Location: Paris and surrounding area.

The workshop can be organised in your company, in a cultural facility or in the workshop of the artistic team involved.

Duration: 3 sessions of 1h30 + 2 presentation/meeting/restitution meetings.

Dates: To be defined together.

Capacity: A minimum of one team of 5 participants per company.


- Organisation of 3 creative workshops of 1h30 led by an artistic team.

- Supervision of the workshops by a referent artist.

- Invitation to the OFNIS parade during the festival.

- Creative material provided.

- Information mailings to your employees.

- Visibility on the Odyssey's communication media as a partner (press release/press kit, website, RS).


Go behind the scenes of the construction of a work of art, the magnificent PRAM. A nimble sailboat designed especially for the Odyssey project, it is delivered in a wooden kit to be assembled and becomes a formidable medium for artistic expression. You participate in all or part of the process and support all the actors involved in the project (artistic, associative). An immersive experience that is lived to the full during the PRAM regatta organised during the festival. The sponsored PRAM will proudly display your colours.

Location: Paris or nearby Paris region.

Duration: the construction/decoration of a PRAM requires 6 weeks (200h) of work, your team can intervene punctually throughout the process.

Levels of difficulty: the construction is accessible to amateurs, the regatta is reserved for experienced sailors. Training sessions are offered throughout the year.

Dates: boat building can take place throughout the year, the regatta takes place on 17 September 2023, at the end of the Odyssey - edition 4

Why is this a major CSR initiative?

The Odyssey aims to have a strong social impact by bringing together and federating inhabitants of working-class neighbourhoods, associations in the social field, schools, sports clubs, cultural establishments and companies. The Odyssey's actions contribute to the professional integration of the participants and to the mix of practices. They generate a territorial dynamic through the Course en solidaire.

It also democratizes a shared and ecological use of waterways with the rediscovery of a vast territory and its imaginary. The project reminds us that these spaces are part of the public good common to all and invites us to take a fresh look at them.

Important: The Odyssey is a project recognised as being of general interest by the Artutti endowment fund, which allows you to benefit from a 60% tax exemption on your financial contributions.

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