Tree climbing and wildlife games Group activity


A Team Building in the trees? Yes, that's right!

Take advantage of the luxuriant nature of Reunion Island to take your colleagues on an adventure... while making them aware of the R.S.E. themes.

Sensory climbing covers various situations that focus on awakening the senses... for example, climbing barefoot, blindfolded or at night...

The sensory climbing activity starts by awakening our different senses in order to develop them. Through different techniques, the participant will discover how to quickly develop a particular sense for the benefit of others.

If climbing barefoot amplifies the physical contact, the more sensitive touch of the tree, climbing blindfolded offers on the one hand a more "subtle" contact with the essence, and on the other hand the opportunity to guide, accompany and encourage his partner.

Detached from his fears linked to the gaze, the climber refines his movements and sometimes reaches the top, the first surprised one!

Other possible activities during the activity :

Sensory walk : The sensory walk is an activity that takes place in different environments (forest, park, beach...) and generally includes games based on the senses and the surrounding natural elements.

Observe, Learn, Respect, Grow...

LandArt: This activity consists of making ephemeral creations with the various natural elements in the environment.

The result is aesthetic but also educational, we learn to identify the species and their constitution (leaf, flower, fruit, bark, mineral ...)

Slackline: This new fashionable discipline reminds us that instability can put us back on our feet!

Because, beyond the physical challenge, heckling your balance realigns your posture and forces you to refocus on yourself. A real life lesson!

Thisactivity is possible everywhere on the island (as long as the trees occupy the spaces and the place benefits from an authorization agreement from the owners)

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