Virtual Olympics - Direct from your home Group activity


Take part in a team olympiad with your colleagues !

Once your team is ready, each member receives a link to connect to the game session. Live, a moderator has prepared various playful challenges for 1 hour of fun!

Are you ready? Let's go! The host, from his computer or on a TV set, takes you on a game full of madness! From blind tests to general knowledge questions to the most zany challenges, you have 60 minutes to score the most points possible!

Suggested games:

- Boom Deal: Find the right price for the objects on the screen

- Boom People: Find out who is behind the blurred photo

- Boom Word: You have 4 pictures to try to find the word

- Blind Test: Musical blind test (Possible to customize the playlists)

- Boom News: Sort out the real from the fake

- Boom Champion: Put your employees' knowledge to the test

- Boom Capital: Guess which country's capital is displayed!

Who will win the cup?

Duration: 45 to 75 minutes

Up to 1000 people.

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