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Unheard of in Reunion Island! A dream board or vision board is a collage of images, affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

We can offer you a workshop in 6 steps:

1. Choose the theme of your Vision Board

2. Choose the medium for your board (ideally A3 sheets)

3. Make a diagram of your vision board.

4. Create the content of the board using the many magazines available.

5. Present it briefly and in an unusual way to your colleagues (without going into detail if some details are too personal)

6. Follow your vision board over time

This workshop was born from an observation: after the COVID crisis, company managers report a lack of motivation among their employees, who find it difficult to regain the work rhythm, the momentum, the involvement and the joy of contributing to the group. The creation of a vision board allows employees to project themselves into a positive future and to realign themselves with their aspirations and commitment. It is a time for cohesion, sharing and strong exchanges.

The vision board is a personal development tool with proven results. It allows us to create new dynamics while enjoying ourselves and nourishing our creativity and imagination.

The end result is the production of a personal or collective artistic creation made up of words, phrases and images that the participant will select. It is a real support for our aspirations.

Our facilitator provides a wide choice of magazines(well-being, personal development, decoration, sport, nature) that each participant will leaf through to get inspired. Each participant will make a selection and cut out what they want to stick on their sheet. They can also use felt pens or paint to embellish it all.

This first step allows you to highlight new ideas, choose what you want to bring and create in your life and position yourself as a creator of your future rather than being subjected to it.

It can be used individually, but also collectively with a work on the values of the company.

Duration: 03 to 04 hours

At a location of your choice

Organisation: about 6 people per table. And 6 magazines per table.

Number of people: Up to 150 people (with several facilitators)

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