Wine and Perfume:"olfactory oenology" workshop

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The workshop is divided into 2 parts. First of all, an olfaction workshop led by an expert in perfumery, in order to smell the raw materials that make up perfumes, which can also be found in wine.

Afterwards, you will smell fragrances that highlight previously sensed raw materials.


Then, an oenology workshop with a wine expert who will guide the participants in the tasting of the best wines, with the 3 stages that make up the expertise:

- the observation of the wine, its colour, its tears

- the olfaction of its aromas with multiple facets and origins.

- lastly, tasting by putting your taste buds and palate into action.


Embark on a journey to the land of scents AND wine!

Let yourself be tempted and let your colleagues or friends succumb!


Workshop for 10 to 50 people. In your premises or in a suitable room that we can offer you as a complement.

Included services
  • Food service
  • Transportation
  • Guided tour
  • Accomodation
  • Entry ticket

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Sophie Irles

Evénements sensoriels & balades parfumées dans Paris.

Une passion arrive sans prévenir, et vous envahit totalement. 

La passion de Sophie ? Les odeurs, les parfums, leurs histoires, et toutes les émotions qui en surgissent.

Et ce qu'elle aime encore plus, les raconter !

Spécialement conçus pour les professionnels (team-buildings, séminaires, rendez-vous clients), ces ateliers/événements sont organisés en collaboration avec des experts de chaque discipline.

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