Wooden games lontan - On your event Group activity


Ask for the delivery and installation of 10 giant wooden games.

With the possibility of having an animator present on the stand for the duration of your event.

The 10 wooden games :


You have to place the red ball on top, hold the 2 mini round grips on the sides and move the lanes to direct the ball in the side squares that have the most values.


Each player has 6 wooden pucks. The first player, drawn at random, places 1 puck in the starting area and shoots with a cue into the hat area. If he/she passes the first 2 hats, he/she scores 2 points, and hands over to the next player.



With the help of the hammer you have to push away all the balls that come in your direction. The game starts calmly with 2 balls. The other balls will be hit and dislodged from their place. The game starts with 2 balls and the other balls are hit and dislodged from their positions. So there are more and more moving balls in the game, you have to be very quick to send them away from your goal.


An excellent game of skill where players will have to show self control to guide the ball well.


The players share the barriers and each one places his piece in the centre of his starting line. In turn, each player moves their piece one square, or places a barrier to slow down their opponent. The pawns have to get around the barriers, which create a maze from which they have to get out very quickly, because the first to reach the line opposite their starting line wins!


be the first to get rid of all your balls by balancing them all. To hang them up, simply place the balls of your colour on a stick. But be careful, if when you place your ball others fall off the cluster then you will have to retrieve them.


Slide table is the game of shuffleboard. You have to aim at the opponent's goal by making the puck ricochet off the sides. The sliding table is based on the same principle as air hockey.


The aim is to make the ball go through a path without making it fall into the hole. This large wooden game will be perfect to create animation and challenge a group of people.


The goal is to put the marble in one of its holes. To do this, the players will face a tough battle.

Then a game of strength between the two players begins. The one who first places the ball in one of the holes wins the game.

At your expense: installation of 7 rectangular tables

Also, possibility to book KERMESSE GAMES: giant mikados, crossbow shooting, chicken shooting, wobbly wall, levitation board....

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