Ici Chez Toi - The ULM Cambaie Club House Venue


At last, an out-of-the-ordinary event venue in Cambaie, just a stone's throw from Saint-Paul, on Réunion Island! "Just like home" is the atmosphere you'll be creating for your event! And the name is not insignificant: Ici, chez toi!

But what event venue could possibly be hidden at the end of this long "windy forest path" that leads from Cambaie to the ULM runways?

"Ici Chez toi", the famous "Carrioles de l'Hermitage" that used to delight passers-by with their Burgers and their Mauritian and Reunionese cuisine, has opened its new venue!

A very large hangar has been converted into a warm, cosy, vintage venue with historical and family touches. This venue is bursting with potential and event formats.

Period furniture, small lounges fitted out with local touches, relaxation areas with sofas in front of period bookcases...

Yes, it's in a hangar that the island's new events venue is hiding.

A place transformed into a cosy, warm and family-friendly space to host your corporate events in Cambaie.

Initially, these were large hangars overlooking the microlight runway. With great talent and taste, the "Ici Chez toi" team have transformed the famous "carrioles gourmandes" of the Hermitage into a real venue for seminars and/or parties. Genuine Mauritian family furniture from the family's history.

The small outdoor lounge will also offer the opportunity to spread out over the entire space.

In the evening, the outdoor area overlooking the microlight runway can also be used. You could, for example, set out deckchairs and table loungers there.


For your seminar: Formal or informal, anything is possible here.

Lined up in theatre format in front of a large white drape and a video projector, opt for a classic meeting.

The informal format, with people spread out on different sofas, different cosy areas, with tables and chairs by island... everything is possible.

The advantage of this venue is that it has all the furniture and space you need to organise your meeting as you wish.

For lunch: Around the large tables in the hangar, or spread out over the various areas (sofas, outdoor lounge, etc.), all formats are possible and imaginable.

The only thing you can be sure of is that the venue is also a caterer, and will delight you with its homemade burgers or artisanal ice creams served directly behind their "Ice Cream Bar".

It's the perfect way to recreate the atmosphere of a food court.

For your evening: The format is ideal. A buffet area. An ice cream bar. A stage for concerts. Sofas in the hangar and outside.

You can even take advantage of the outdoor area, near the microlight runway, to spread out a few "mange-debouts" for your aperitif, for example.

It's the perfect place for it.

Example of a meal that can be served on site:

Lunch - Buffet style

Aperitif: Virgin mojito + Mojito + Tamajito (mojito made with tamarind, lemon and combava)

Salads: Exotic tabbouleh + Cream dips platter OR Fish vindaye on toast

Main course: Home-made burgers + fresh chips => The house speciality!

Choice of: Black Angus beef steak OR Péi chicken OR Potato pancakes

OR Heated rice OR Mauritian pancakes + House salads

Dessert: Homemade 1 scoop ice cream from Maison GAC - 5 flavours to choose from

Drinks: Water - Coffee

Homemade juices: lemonade, pineapple, watermelon, pineapple tamarind iced tea (2 to 3 juices available depending on fruit availability)

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