Virtual Reality Loft for your events (Cocktail parties) Venue


Your company party in the largest Virtual Reality Loft in Paris!

At the crossroads of an art gallery, a virtual reality room and a club, organise an enchanting evening combining luxury and technology for a fairytale Teambuilding in the heart of Paris.

It is a 400m2 virtual reality loft, nestled on the first floor, and located a minute's walk from the Saint-Lazare train station in the 8th arrondissement for meetings, team building or corporate parties.

artworks from Christie's, New York and French galleries, studio sound system, dance-floor, 20 virtual reality units for incredible team games or dreamlike experiences like swimming with whales or flying over the earth with satellite images.

Virtual Reality

In a cosy 400m² space that mixes luxury and technology, we offer to organise your corporate events.

Open bar access to 16 virtual reality units. 2 dynamic simulators.

2 VR escapes. HD video projector with a 3x3m screen. An educational team.

Cocktail Reception

We also offer the organisation of a cocktail party using fresh products, bought at the market that morning.

Heart of salmon, fresh cream, lemon. Ham on the bone in chiffonade. Tuna, hard-boiled egg, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lamb's lettuce, dill. Homemade foie gras. Chocolate fondant with seasonal fruits. Soft drinks and hot drinks at will.

Selection of wines, champagnes and beers.

Clubbing evening

In addition to the VR offre & Cocktail dinner, we provide a profit space for you to have an unforgettable evening.

Sound System. Dancefloor. DJ on demand.

"A pressure cooker of exhilarating experiences and good humour that welds teams together in an enchanting setting."

Team games, dreamlike and playful experiences, action games, our catalogue allows teams to experience fun, rewarding and exciting moments. All our games have been chosen following two simple rules: easy and quick to learn even for the less adept, and guaranteed fun.

Some examples of games:

Smashbox Arena: The most popular game at corporate events. A hilarious cartoon game that can be played alone or in teams of up to three against three. Stunning scenery, unbelievable weapons. You'll need good team strategy and good reflexes.

Dead & Burried: You will be immersed in a far-western setting with guns on your belt. Next to each other, all together in the saloon, use your skills to defend yourself and your friends!

Google Earth Experience: Imagine holding the Earth in the palm of your hand and flying through natural wonders, cities and monuments. Google Earth makes this dream possible! Discover our planet freely in 3D from satellite images.

Escape Game VR: You have been trapped in a room with a time bomb. Your friends have the manual to defuse it, but they can't see the bomb, so you have to explain it to them quickly!

VR Simulators: Mounted on hydraulic jacks, these simulators move 30 degrees in all planes and, thanks to a partnership with Ubisoft, allow you to simulate a virtual reality rollercoaster. Once you sit in the simulator, you'll be on a plane, a bobsled or in Santa's sleigh. A fan connected to the lines of code allows you to adapt the wind speed to the speed of the ride. A decoiffante experience!

Don't wait any longer to discover this incredible event venue in Paris!

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