Tailor-made theatre show for your event Animation


No need to find a show to bring your colleagues to, have actors come and perform several skits at home!

And what's more, with a personalised synopsis adapted to your structure!

A team of actors performs sketches or a play about your company based on a storyline written with the help of elements, anecdotes or other elements that you provide us with beforehand.

An unusual and amusing way to present your company.

Services that allow us to, among other things

- To illustrate and convey the objectives and aspirations of your institution.

- Combine our professional writing and acting skills with your business reality to better convey your information.

- To integrate messages and information in an innovative and funny way.

Example of show created: "Du rififi à la CAF" - For a joint ceremony of the URSSAF, the CPAM and the CAF

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