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Are you short of time and original ideas to organise your company events and strengthen the cohesion of your teams? Wheerez Event assists you in the organisation and realisation of all your corporate events.

Whatever the type of business event you want to organise or your objectives/projects, Whereez offers you amazing venues, committed caterers, and activities and entertainment that will surprise you and strengthen the cohesion of your teams.

A company party or an end of year party to organise? A new product launch or a company anniversary to celebrate? Do you want to take your teams on a team building day or weekend?

Discover our turnkey solutions for your events and team building!





With the help of service providers on a human scale, responsible and rigorous, we will advise you on all the stages of your event from conception to completion.

Among our services, we have made a selection of activities so that you can offer your employees fun experiences that are out of the ordinary, improve your team relations and combine discovery and relaxation.

Our partners are passionate people who are often committed to a more sustainable world and are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Give your events a positive social impact and take advantage of our negotiated rates with our partners by requesting a quote.

Event organisation key-in-hand (upstream advice, scenario proposals, planning, setting up logistical files, coordination of the event on D-day)

Quick access to Whereez's network of partners, original, local and engaged partners

From conception to completion, chaperoned by a dedicated event manager

Enjoy your event care free!

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We have carefully selected original activities, exciting entertainment, committed caterers and unique locations to meet all your needs and desires when organising your corporate events: seminar, evening, gala, birthday, end of year party, product launch, team building day or weekend.

From the Hautes-Alpes to Reunion Island, and of course Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse, Nice and Bordeaux, take advantage of our network of partners throughout the country:



La Réunion












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Let us know your expectations and constraints for the organisation of your future professional event.

Whatever the format of your event, we will offer you a complete solution adapted to your budget:

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With Wheerez Event, benefit from a tailor-made support to set up all your professional events and moments of cohesion. Thanks to our local and engaged partners, we will propose you original and sustainable ideas that will meet your needs, without spending too much time and with the assurance of being satisfied.

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Entrust your events to Whereez to ensure the quality of the experiences you offer your teams. And the best way to find out is to listen to our clients' feedback:


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Why choose Whereez for your corporate events?

Our goal is simple: to get you out of your routine and give you the opportunity to organize your next outing or event with a selection of passionate and committed professionals while having a positive social impact!

We are known for the originality and commitment of our professional partners.

The Whereez team

In addition to the Whereez team, we work with a network of partners that we take the time to select. Organising your events with Whereez means access to unique venues, committed caterers, original activities and entertainment provided by rigorous professionals. To add a touch of creativity to your corporate events.












Event project manager



Event project manager



Event project manager


What is an event agency?

Whether it is to better communicate on its offers, promote its products to its public, or to reinforce its commercial animation or the team spirit among its employees, professional events can take can take many forms: seminars, company parties, end-of-year celebrations, product launches, company product launch, company anniversary, congress, exhibition, festival, convention, cocktail party, prize-giving ceremony, trade fair, trip, even rally...!

To facilitate the creation of such events and to realize your projects, it is possible to call on project managers who are experts in the event sector: event agencies. These agencies have creativity, ideas, a network of professional partners and the skills to organise such events from A to Z. They provide seasoned professionals who master all the challenges of a professional event of the professional event, smoothing communication between the players, managing unforeseen events if they arise and negotiate rates with service providers in order to maintain a reasonable envelope to maintain a budget adapted to each audience.

Why use the services of an event agency?

Companies, institutions, associations or any other type of organisation that are not in the events sector are generally not specialists in the field, and may take longer than necessary to organise and implement these events, taking the risk of not respecting the initial budget.

Calling on an event management agency means saving time while ensuring the success of the event, without having to devote excessive energy to it. It is also an opportunity to give your employees an original experience without having to think too hard, and with a touch of creativity. Finally, it means delegating the management of unforeseen events to a professional who will keep a cool head and find the most appropriate solution for the context.


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