Bubble Foot session (Grenoble) Activity


2 options to choose from:

- 15€/person for 30 minutes with a minimum of 8 players.

- 20€/person for 1 hour of play, from 8 to 20 players.

- 240€ for 1 hour with unlimited participants.

Bubble Bump consists of playing "almost football" with "almost the whole body" protected in a bubble filled with air. fun, laughter, risk-free shocks, sport, fun and leisure are the key words of this new playful sport.

Come and have fun, with friends, family or work colleagues, just a stone's throw from Grenoble. Young and old, men and women, sportsmen and women, everyone will enjoy it!

2 teams to form: You have to form 2 teams, 4 against 4 or 5 against 5 or more, the only limit is to be able to move on the field given the volume of the bubbles! Each team has to define a choreography to be done for each goal scored, called "goal celebration".

Each player "puts on" a bubble that protects him from head to knees and prepares for contact... with a little apprehension but always with a smile. Is it worth mentioning that it is forbidden to use a spike to puncture the opponent's ball?

Rules of the game and a referee: If you wish, the referee can equip himself with a camera and film the game in the heart of the action, not to do video refereeing (although, sometimes, it's borderline, borderline), but to offer you a souvenir of this exceptional moment to keep and to watch with friends.

Several formats to choose from:

- 4 vs. 4 or 5 vs. 5 matches: The game of football protected by a bubble (foot-bulle), is mainly played in indoor football halls, also called soccer. It is also possible to play outside if the ground is not rough.

- 1 game = 2 phases: 1) The first game lasts 5 minutes, followed by a recovery break of variable length depending on your oxygenation and hydration needs.

2) This is followed by 2 other games adapted to the remaining time of the game (in the case of the 30 min formula).

- bump in the middle of the game: One goal per team is mandatory. He may be a flying goalkeeper, and even if he was not intended to be a flying goalkeeper... he may well fly! The individual or collective celebration of a goal is compulsory.

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Boulevard des Alpes, 38240 Meylan

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