Meals + Night in an Igloo Activity


A unique and exceptional experience!

A traditional meal will be served in a mountain restaurant opposite the igloos.

Then, the highlight of the show: an unusual night in an igloo. You'll even enjoy breakfast in the morning in this unusual habitat.


To recover from your efforts, the whole team at the Ours Blanc restaurant welcome you to their warm and friendly restaurant, to enjoy a traditional menu prepared using local produce.

An unusual night:

Nestled at an altitude of 1,750 metres, in the heart of the Queyras Regional Nature Park, the igloos welcome you to a protected, authentic setting easily accessible from the snow front.

Thanks to the insulating properties of the snow and the design of the igloos, you'll find yourself in a real little cocoon where it's good to sleep!

Inside the igloo, there's not a sound, not a breath of wind. A warm atmosphere is quickly created by your own body heat, radiated and reflected off the walls.

When you wake up, you can enjoy your breakfast in the serenity and beauty of the landscape.

And don'tforget!

For your comfort, remember to bring warm clothes, underwear for sleeping (long-sleeved T-shirt, tights, socks) as well as a hat and gloves.

Your safety and comfort are assured by top-quality mountaineering mattresses and duvets. A meat bag is also provided with your duvet.

Dry toilets are available away from the igloos.

Package: 1-hour night hike + dinner + overnight stay : See here !

Prices (optional when booking):

1 Adult-1 child: 160€ for the 2 pers.

2 adults : 165€ for 2 pers.

2 adults-1 child: 225€ for 3 pers.

3 adults: 230€ for 3 pers.

2 adults-2 children: €275 for 4 pers.

4 adults: 285€ for 4 pers.

4 adults and 1 child: 340€ for 5 pers.

5 adults : 345€ for 5 pers.

(ask us for other formats)

Included services
  • Food service
  • Accomodation
  • Entry ticket
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Clot La Chalp, 05350 Molines-en-Queyras

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  • supérieur à 15 jours calendaires avant le début de l’Expérience réservée, donne droit au remboursement de 100 % du montant de la Réservation.
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