Operation Nameless OR Escape Odyssey: Nomadic Escape Game Group activity


The giant Escape Game that moves directly to the location of your choice.

Up to 360 people for one and 60 people for the other.

1H30 of play including 01H00 under time limit

OPERATION NAMELESS: Your organisation is attacked by the famous group of hackers: the Nameless.

You have 60 minutes to prevent the computer virus from spreading and protect your company.

A format that mixes real and digital for a very immersive, innovative and agile game experience.

Digital game support and digital interactions with the setting (QR Code, image recognition).

This Escape Game calls on your intuition, observation and reflection skills.

It is a giant Escape Game, as opposed to a game kit. Because you can play with up to 360 people at the same time.

And the teams will be able to evolve in a real life-size setting divided into several rooms.

Possible options:

- Integration of posters and customised panels in which keywords or codes needed to advance are hidden.

- Integration of 10 portraits of people from the company among the suspected hackers.

- Creation of a personalised logical sequence and adaptation of the enigma with the exhibits.

SPACE ODYSSEY: A meteorite is heading straight for Earth.

Everyone has already left the planet and you are the last ones left.

Before you leave, you must check that you have stored seeds of every species of earthly plant and find a new planet to go to.

But beware, the impact will take place in 1H.

A very immersive game format that puts you in the heart of your spaceship.

Maximum of 60 players at the same time.

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