Aurélien , 05/03/2019

Am I crazy?

My toes spread out, the sea in front of me, a lightly alcoholic fruit cocktail in one hand, a magazine in the other, and my thoughts go... to my colleagues!

Yes, yes, my office colleagues. This workspace in which, every day of the year, my escapes transport me, for a few seconds, to this famous idyllic beach. This beach where my well-being is blossoming at this very moment.

And here I am thinking about the office!

Rest assured: thinking about the office does not mean thinking about work!

No, it's not the vision of my colleagues in front of their computers that makes me move away from the fine sand! No, it's not the memory of meetings, calls, To Do's, or other overused anglicisms.

But how can I forget?

How can I forget Charlene riding a broom during a Quidditch initiation?

How can we forget the boss, axe in hand, missing the target during that incredible axe throwing contest last spring ?

How can we forget the shy trainee, asking for help from all the passers-by, to win this team treasure hunt through the Passages Couverts of Paris?

And above all, how can we not think about what awaits us in September?

Rumours are rife. Some speak of an introduction to beekeeping. Others even mention an improbable survival course in the forest.

I'm ready for anything. Ready for the worst and the best. Impatient. Like a child on December 23!

I've even downloaded the Top 10 guide to unusual activities.

Last night, I saw a Virtual Reality room... From now on, I'm on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary! Strangely enough, leisure activities remind me of the office...

It's rather pleasant. De-stressing! I'm no longer like a schoolboy dreading his first day at school!

Motivated for this... unusual start of the school year! You can call me Bryan the Brave!