AMMA and Swedish massage in companies or at your event Animation


Specific massages for your company or your event!

2 types of massages offered by a "Masseur bien-être":

- The Amma seated massage (15 minutes accu-pressure massage, along the meridians from the head to the hips, through the clothes). It is a massage that is performed on an ergonomic chair. Space required: 4m² only.

3 people per hour. It takes 20 min/person. Workshop possible for a minimum of 9 people (3 hours) and possibility of massaging 20 people maximum in one day.

- Swedish massage (muscle relaxation) on a table. Back or leg massage according to your preferences.

Possibility of working with several other masseurs depending on the event.

The objective: to bring well-being to the company through this tool that massage represents. The priority of this professional is the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and psychosocial risks.

Travels all over the island.

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