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What better place to organise your Team Building activities than Reunion Island, the jewel in the crown of the Indian Ocean? At Whereez, we offer a wide range of unique activities to help your team bond while enjoying a heavenly setting.

Discover all our activities on Reunion Island

Quiz Room - Immersion on a TV set

Immerse yourself in the heart of Saint-Denis in the Quiz Room, a fun and unusual Team Building experience on Reunion Island. For 1h to 1h30, play a new kind of quiz in a TV set reminiscent of the greatest game shows.

CSR Olympics

Join the CSR Challenges and special "environment" Olympics on Réunion Island and do your bit for the planet. As an intern with the Ze Goode Company, which specialises in environmental irresponsibility, you'll take part in 3 workshops to think about good corporate social responsibility practice.

Murder Party / Giant Cluedo

Dive into mystery with a Giant Murder Party / Cluedo for your next Team Building event on Reunion Island. On 12 November 1903, Madame Hoarau was found dead in Saint-Pierre. Who murdered her? How and why? With the help of actors, you will investigate as a team, developing logical reasoning and group cohesion. Observe, question and cross-check information to solve the case.

Pizza Workshop - In the shoes of a Pizzaiolo (for small groups of up to 10 people)

Embark on a culinary Team Building in Réunion Island with the Pizza Workshop, where you will learn to make your own pizzas with a renowned pizzaiolo. Become a chef in a real "team competition" at the Mamzelle Pizza restaurants in Saint-Denis or Le Tampon.

Fun ride on a giant 10-pedal bike (with cocktail tasting)

Discover Réunion Island in a festive way with the Vélo Péï Team Building. Climb aboard a 15-seater bike with 10 pedals and cycle a 4.5 km loop around the Hermitage, while enjoying original drinks and live music.

Orienteering / Treasure hunt on the history of Réunion Island

Explore Réunion Island with an orienteering race themed "La Réunion lontan" for your Team Building event. The "La Réunion où Koné" trail guides you from stage to stage, with riddles and questions, via a mobile application.

Half-day or full-day introduction to beekeeping

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of beekeeping with an educational morning at one of Réunion's leading apiaries. On the programme: breakfast, video projection on the world of bees and hives, guided tour of the life of the bee, tasting of different local honeys and lunch in the Entre Deux village.

Giant Escape Game with actors, outdoors

Experience an epic adventure with the giant outdoor Escape Game in Réunion, hosted by real actors. Take part in an immersive treasure hunt on the theme of the famous pirate Olivier Levasseur, known as "La Buse".

"Top Chef" special Team Building - Cooking workshop

Take part in the 1st corporate Top Chef event on Réunion Island and put yourself in the shoes of a real Chef with culinary challenges. Put on your aprons and cook healthy and tasty Top Chef-style recipes in teams of 8 to 30 people.

Creative workshop - Special "kaba lontan" cyanotype workshop

Discover a creative Team Building in Réunion Island with the special "kaba lontan" Cyanotype Workshop. Learn the art of cyanotype, an ancient photographic process, and create the most beautiful kaba (tote-bag) for your team.

Why team-building with Whereez?

Join Whereez for a memorable Team Building adventure on Reunion Island. Our authentic and original activities will help you discover the island in a whole new light. You can also check out our many positive reviews, from all our customers on Reunion Island and elsewhere, to see for yourself how satisfied they are. Don't wait any longer, book your Team Building activity with Whereez today!

Our customers tell us about their Team Building activities on Reunion Island

The rave reviews often highlight the professionalism, originality and friendliness of the events organised by Whereez. This is your guarantee of a successful Team Building event. We have received numerous reviews testifying to the satisfaction of many companies. To name but a few: Canal +, l'aviation civile, Sistbi, Espace Habitat Construction and L'Agence By Karine.


What is Team Building?

Team Building is an approach used to strengthen the links between members of a team. It is based on the organisation of stimulating and entertaining group activities. The aim is to encourage communication, cohesion and motivation among participants.

How much does Team Building cost on Reunion Island?

The cost of a Team Building event on Reunion Island varies according to the type of activities chosen, the duration of the event and the number of participants. At Whereez, we offer activities to suit all budgets, from €15 to €90 per person.

How do you organise a Team Building event with Whereez on Reunion Island?

Organising a Team Building event with Whereez is easy. Contact us via our online platform, by phone or by email. We'll discuss your requirements and then take care of everything: choice of activity or activities, booking of venues, coordination of the big day, etc.

What are the most popular Team Building activities on Reunion Island?

Team Building on Reunion Island offers a variety of unique and exciting experiences. Explore Saint-Denis with the Quiz Room, a quiz game in a TV set reminiscent of game shows, or discover environmental challenges at the CSR Olympics. Immerse yourself in mystery with a giant Murder Party / Cluedo, or learn to make your own pizzas with a renowned pizzaiolo. Whatever your preferences, Whereez offers a wide range of activities to suit you and your teams.