Molecular cuisine animation in Lyon Caterer


"In all cases, it is a question of cooking, i.e. producing food, and the originality lies in the use of utensils from the laboratories: siphons, liquid nitrogen, ultrasound probes, rotary evaporators, thermo circulators... ". Molecular cuisine is in line with the new cuisine. It favours appearance as much as taste. It imagines new flavours, new textures... to make "offbeat" recipes by playing with materials, colours, shapes and sensations.

On the menu:

- Poached oyster, artichoke and foie gras, yellow wine emulsion

- Terre-Mer Dom Tom, nitrogen apple

- Seared Breton lobster, cloud of lettuce, hazelnut caviar and quail egg

- Foie gras lollipop with chocolate, spices and condiments

- Dragon bite

Molecular Cocktails option: Discover together the secrets of making 3 molecular cocktails: MOJITO, PIÑA COLADA AND HONEY MOON

Including: foodstuffs - 1 chef animator - 1 mobile kitchen - 2H animation.

Travels to the location of your choice, anywhere in France.

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