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A "Snacking Bar" at your company event: several gourmet stands based on street-food / fast food (Tex-Mex tacos, hot dogs, savoury crepes, etc.)

Whether you want to treat your employees at a company party, animate your stand at a trade show or promote your sales in your shops, offer an original savoury entertainment!

We will offer you gourmet animations, perfect for creating a "street-food" atmosphere at your event!

Examples of animations :


Delicious wheat patties filled with tasty ingredients, toasted in front of you, right before your eyes. An original savoury snack made up of a variety of ingredients that will give your event a Tex-Mex touch. The Tacos animation is the guarantee of a gourmet and friendly break in a company or during a congress or trade show.

You can choose between 3 recipes:

The Vegetarian Tacos: composed of a wheat patty filled with a mixture of red peppers, marinated tomatoes, avocado and onions, a touch of cheese, all covered with a Pita sauce!

Mexican Tacos:more traditional, this recipe is composed of a balanced mix of ground beef (French origin), corn, red beans, peppers, garlic, garlic, and a little bit of cheese.s, red beans, red peppers and onions, topped with a sweet Mexican spice sauce... also presented in its own wheat patty!

The Chicken Tacos: Made with a wheat patty topped with a mixture of spicy chicken, cheddar cheese and a mild hot sauce!


A customised stand in your colours!

For a 100% Tex Mex event, opt for (Virgin) Margaritas!

To complete this gourmet event, we can offer you the side dishes of your choice: nachos, gazpacho, soups etc.


To liven up your corporate events or to communicate on a Street-Marketing event, we offer you a relaxed moment in a Manhattan atmosphere, with its succulent home-made hot-dogs, served on demand, prepared before your eyes according to the traditional New York recipe.

The ingredients

Quality hot dogs, faithful to the traditional New York hot dog recipe, with :


Buns, slightly sweetened

American mustard and ketchup, pickles and crispy onions


A customised stand in your own colours!

100% poultry sausages


Corn dog, hot dog waffle or waffle dog, this revisited version of the famous New York hot dog is a best-seller! Bluff your clients and employees by offering them an innovative street-food animation that they have probably never seen before!

A sausage wrapped in waffle dough, all cooked in front of you, and generously topped with ketchup, mustard and fried onions... all that's missing is the Statue of Liberty and you'll think you're in the Big Apple!

And for a vegetarian version, we suggest a 100% cheesy Corn Dog to spice up with the sauce of your choice!

The ingredients:

The Corn Dogs are made to order. They can be filled with your choice of :

- a Strasbourg sausage, 100% pure pork,

- a piece of Emmental cheese.

Then they can be decorated with :

- a sauce: ketchup, mustard, samurai, tartar, curry etc.

- fried onions.


A wide range of sauces and toppings: mayonnaise, aioli, Algerian, samurai, barbecue, pepper, etc.

Pickles, gherkins, olives, grated cheese etc.

100% poultry sausages.

A variety of cheeses: comté, beaufort, abondance etc.

100% personalised stand decoration, in your colours!

TALOA : Traditional Basque Galette

Discover the Taloa animation, an unavoidable speciality of the Basque Country, which will appeal to the greatest number of people! Offer a tasting of delicious corn cakes filled with ventrèche and ewe's milk cheese, all assembled on demand.

The guarantee of a "traditional discovery" tasting and a convivial moment in company with the flavours of the Basque Country!

The ingredients:

We have selected these "Made in Euskadi" corn cakes for their authentic flavour and their simple, healthy composition. In these cakes, water, flour and salt, nothing more!

They are filled with the essential ingredients produced locally and in the traditional way:

- Basque pork belly or brisket, the flagship of Basque charcuterie.

- Basque sheep's cheese

Taloa reveals a unique and intense flavour, it will delight the taste buds of all meat and cheese lovers!

For a complete meal, we offer sweetened taloaks, with chocolate or Basquella (a spread without palm oil, produced in the Basque Country).


Offer delicious savoury crêpes or buckwheat pancakes with a wide choice of gourmet fillings: cheeses, cold meats, fresh cream, mushrooms... all assembled on request. And for a successful pancake party, conclude this tasting with a mini sweet pancake!

We have selected these "Made in Brittany" wheat and Guérande salt pancakes for their authentic flavour and their simple and healthy composition. In these pancakes, you will find only water, flour and salt!

They are systematically accompanied by the classic fillings:

- cheeses: Emmental, Gouda,

- cold meats: white ham, cooked ham,

- mushrooms.

The options:

Toppings of your choice:

Cheese: comté, mozzarella, 3 cheeses etc.

Charcuterie: Bayonne ham, chicken, halal charcuterie etc.

A personalised stand decoration, in your colours!

Traditional cider to accompany your pancakes.

Sweet mini-crepes for dessert!


How do you do it? You have never experienced the cheese fountain? No time to lose in this case! We propose you a fountain of Cancoillotte, a melted cheese traditionally present on all the tables of the Franc-Comté region.

Soft and light, it can be eaten hot or cold, at dinner but also as a snack or even at breakfast!

The ingredients:

In its standard version, we offer you a plain cancoillotte, with butter, but gourmets can also try a cancoillotte with garlic, shallots, fine herbs, white wine, etc.

Potatoes in a field dress... the essential accompaniment!

Bread and breadsticks: country-style bread and breadsticks with sesame and 5 cereals!

Spices to flavour it all: salt, pepper, paprika, chilli, garlic etc.


For a more gourmet animation, you can add white ham, cured ham, pancetta, and for a 100% Franc-Comtoise animation, Morteau sausage!

A 100% personalised stand decoration, in your colours!

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