8 Festive challenges in the old Nice Group activity


Welcome to the heist of the century course! To succeed in the challenges, you will have to do better than Brice and his wick...

Ideal for an EVG, an EVJF, or a birthday party, go on an adventure in the old town of Nice, around 6 or 8 challenges (customizable) and a referee on the ball.IPossibility of replacing the drinking games by other games more adapted to the framework of corporate team building!

- Musical Blind Test: Put your ears to the test to recognize as many songs as possible! Includes: atmosphere and musical culture

- Beerpong : Keep a certain accuracy to make the other team drink! Includes: Equivalent of one pint per person

- Bug tasting: Are you ready for what you are about to eat? Little hint: put yourself in the shoes of an adventurer! Includes: crunchy insects (a bit slimy but tasty)

- Bartender: Put on the role of a bartender and serve your friends! Includes: 1 cocktail/person

- Pancake Making: The star of the day will make pancakes for the whole group.

- Giant Mystery Cocktail: Before you drink it all, use your brain and taste buds to guess the hidden ingredients! Included: A great Cocktail for all

- Untangling the pole: After being tied up with 20 turns of tape, hurry to free yourself from the pole in less than 2 minutes! Includes: tape and elbow grease

- Peruvian Challenge: Improvise a pan flute concert with your mates in the street. Goal: raise 5€.

This way, you can adapt the theme of your "Festive Route" either by making it more "cultural" or by making it more "festive".

With several other challenges to choose from for a "tailor-made" adventure:

Singing competition - Window mannequin - Cultural tour and quiz - Wheel race - Oiled tug of war...

Possible slots: Monday to Sunday, from 2pm to midnight.

Give your teams a good dose of fun!

All our challenges can be adapted to organise an unusual and creative Team Building!

Meet at the tram stop Cathédrale Vieille Ville.

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