A team dream - immersive online sound experience Group activity


Enter the dreamlike adventure of Inception coupled with the poetic sweetness of Miyazaki's universe, thanks to sound immersion.

Ready for an expedition into dreamland?

An immersive sound experience that takes place entirely online. A mix between theatre and fiction, you and your team are transported into a sound universe, guided by an actor who will be there throughout the experience.

Together, with your eyes closed, you can move around, search, question or even interact with the other participants to freely influence the course of your story.

You and your friends join the circle of dream explorers and venture into dream territory together. The task will not be easy, these worlds are much more dangerous than they seem. Use your ingenuity to explore every nook and cranny of the dreams and unlock their secrets. Helping each other will be the key word, or your adventure could quickly turn into a nightmare...


The Buried Palace

The experience takes you on a nightmare in formation at the bottom of the sea of shipwrecks. Dive into dreamlike territory, explore an underwater palace and solve its mystery.

Adventure and thrill: Imagine Indiana Jones and the cursed temple underwater, conquering Atlantis with Debussy as your background.

The Inner Library

Our next experience is coming soon and will immerse you in a labyrinthine library unlike any other where each book can lead you into its own story.

enigmas and fantasy: Imagine the library of Babel imagined by Jorge Luis Borges combined with the Hogwarts library in Harry Potter...

The "dreams" can be personalised: on the theme of your choice.

Duration: 01H30

From 2 to 6 players per team.

From your home, and anywhere in the world, thanks to Zoom.

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