Bubble Bump : Bubble football tournament (Grenoble) Group activity


This activity consists of playing "almost football" with "almost the whole body" protected in an air-filled bubble. fun, laughter, risk-free shocks, sport, fun and leisure are the key words of this new playful sport.

Come and have fun, with friends, family or work colleagues. Young and old, men and women, sportsmen and women, everyone will enjoy it!

2 teams to form: You have to form 2 teams, 4 against 4 or 5 against 5 or more, the only limit is to be able to move on the field given the volume of the bubbles! Each team has to define a choreography to be done for each goal scored, called "goal celebration".

Each player "puts on" a bubble that protects him from head to knees and prepares for contact... with a little apprehension but always with a smile. Is it worth mentioning that it is forbidden to use a spike to puncture the opponent's ball?

Rules of the game and a referee: If you wish, the referee can equip himself with a camera and film the game in the heart of the action, not to do video refereeing (although, sometimes, it's borderline, borderline), but to offer you a souvenir of this exceptional moment to keep and to watch with friends.

Several formats to choose from:

- 4 vs. 4 or 5 vs. 5 matches: The game of football protected by a bubble (foot-bulle), is mainly played in indoor football halls, also called soccer. It is also possible to play outside if the ground is not rough.

- 1 game = 2 phases: 1) The first game lasts 5 minutes, followed by a recovery break of variable length depending on your oxygenation and hydration needs.

2) This is followed by 2 other games adapted to the remaining time of the game (in the case of the 30 min formula).

- Bump in the middle of the game: One goal per team is mandatory. He may be a flying goalkeeper, and even if he was not intended to be a flying goalkeeper... he may well fly! The individual or collective celebration of a goal is compulsory.

The venue: At your home, or at our partner centre in Meylan.

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