Collective work: individual paintings or collaborative fresco Group activity


The aim of these creative moments is to create links and to motivate the teams. Unite them on a common creative project. A project is chosen around the company's strong values in order to unite the teams. Develop collective and individual creativity in this challenge that will leave a playful memory in everyone.

The artist who supervises the activity is there to provide the technical and motivational means for everyone to dare and find their place in this collective project.

A collective work will remain as a strong memory of this moment. Often made up of several canvases worked on by teams that the artist will reunite once finished. The discovery of the final result is a moving moment. A work that will surprise many.

Possible frescoes:

- Collective fresco: Create a large collective fresco that illustrates the values of the team or a chosen theme.

- Fresco in the style of... (Miró, Matisse, Dubuffet, Kandinsky...) that illustrates the values of the team or a chosen theme.

- Fresco collage: Create a collective fresco by playing with creative collages. Visuals, pre-printed texts or texts found in catalogues, related to the chosen theme will be used for this purpose. A decor is pre-painted before the event by the artist, according to the chosen theme.

- Collective fresco on Aboriginal Art: The artist will prepare a background with the colours of the company, symbolising what brings the participants together. Everyone will then come and express themselves, without forgetting the "dots" typical of Aboriginal art.

The service will be provided on your premises or at the location of your event. Indoors or outdoors with a minimum of 20m² on the ground for the fresco.

Capacity: 4000 people in evening or daytime format with continuous animation.

5 to 500 people during a team building workshop.

Size of the fresco: depending on the number of participants.

Travels to all geographical regions.

The creative material is included in the service: paints, brushes, documentation, pencils, felt pens, paper, canvas... As well as the follow-up, the installation, the performance by the artist and his assistants if necessary according to the number of participants.

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