Comic book creation workshop Group activity


Produce one or more comic strips that illustrate the company's values or a chosen theme.

A brainstorming session is organised at the beginning of the session in order to give everyone confidence and to help them discover the project.

The group is guided, encouraged and valued by a professional artist so that this experience is a real pleasure, a real moment of sharing.

Teams are formed. Each team will work on its own comic book or on its part if it is common to all the teams. Everyone will be able to play the part they feel most comfortable with. It's up to you to create scenarios, drawings, colours or black and white, speech bubbles, texts, layout, characters, settings, collages. So dare, share, exchange, create!

Everything is possible!

This workshop allows you to : Develop the team bond, bring out a common vision and enhance collective creativity. A great human and artistic experience to share. Promotes team cohesion and exchanges. The theme provides a framework during the session and allows us to obtain a work that will remain as a symbol of this shared moment. The session will end with a presentation of the different comics.

You can then exhibit these works in your company.

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