Escape Game "Climate Code", climate change investigation Nice Marseille Group activity


An Escape Game where your teams will have to solve a riddle to save the climate. On the whole French Riviera from Nice to Marseille.

Code Climat is a fun and original experience to better understand our planet and the climate issues of the coming years.

Through a cleverly conducted investigation, participants will discover real and scientific information, which we hope will open their eyes.


The challenge of the next hour is crucial!

You are in one of the areas of the Research Centre for the Future of the Earth.

For some time now, these areas have been commandeered by several teams of researchers.

They have been looking at the climate challenges of the next 80 years.

Unsurprisingly, the prospects are more than threatening for the survival of humanity.

Thanks to the research carried out, however, a way forward seems possible. But we must act without delay.

Unfortunately, before submitting their report to the government, the teams vanished - and so did their results.

Without your participation, there is no hope of finding the solution.

You will have to retrace their steps using the elements available in the centre and save, perhaps, humanity.

Duration: 01H30 of play

Take concrete actions to :


Our team has based itself on the scientific data available to transmit the most accurate information possible through its game.

Our aim is to enable participants to acquire a reliable knowledge base on the climate and related issues.


Our objective, as game designers, is to contribute to raising awareness. To create a space for reflection on the challenges that must be met to preserve our future on earth.

We hope to arouse the curiosity of participants after they have played our game.


Climate Code is a game that brings people together. Your teams will be challenged. They will have to work together to win the challenge that the game sets.

It fits perfectly into seminars, team building events, awareness days, etc.


From 10 players (in the Côte d'Azur region) to 50 people.

From 25 players (in another region) up to 50 people.

The game can be adapted to all types of locations: outdoor, indoor, meeting room, hotel, etc.

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