Fake waiters and actors during your meal Group activity


The actors play fake characters in a real context.

Happening and theatrical impostures!

For example, in a restaurant at a company seminar, they pretend to be "normal" waiters at the start, who over time will reveal more and more of their emotions and the background to their relationships within this fake service team.

Thus offering your guests an atypical and extravagant show that they are not ready to forget!

Services that allow you to, among other things

- To set up a surprising, memorable and daring event to trap your audience with humour, thus facilitating the transmission and memorisation of your messages and values.

- To surprise and create a bond with your guests.

- To provide moments of relaxation and humour.

- To reinforce the connivance within your teams and federate your employees.

- To playfully de-dramatise a problem.

- To highlight a product or reinforce a message.

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