Funky Battle in Nice - Zany challenges and team games Group activity


A dynamic and offbeat team building activity? This Funky Battle is THE solution.

With a focus on humour, this event allows each participant to test their skills through the completion of various challenges!

tests of agility, speed, balance and precision, zany and original challenges, all the ingredients are present to have a fun and completely crazy time!

It's up to you to show logic, skill and patience to accumulate a maximum of points and win.

This Funky Battle team building is proposed in a "challengers" version or as a hybrid escape game.

The 2 possible formats:

1. A hybrid game that combines the escape game and the action game where players must solve and overcome a series of fun challenges to get clues and solve the final enigma.


2. A Challengers game: participants must pass a series of interactive and surprising tests of skill, strategy and reaction to win as many missions as possible. May the best team win!

Our game can follow you to all your meeting places: office, hotel, convention centre, event space, gardens and parks... we adapt the scenario to the site of realization.

Examples of challenges:

SPIDER MAN: Who will be the best "meditative Spider man?"

Everyone competes to move a spider by force of mind. Sensors attached to the players' heads read the brain activity, recognising the degree of concentration.thus, by alternating concentration and reflection, and changing the intensity of these states, the player can control the spider and get it to the finish line first.

AVATAR: A special piece of equipment allows players to see the world from above. Running a short distance, assembling a bunch of plants, or swapping bodies, the possibilities for player challenges are endless.

SENSE UNDER: With the invertoscope, the space around the observer appears upside down. The scenarios of use are then infinite: football tournament, obstacle course... the simplest activities will become the most complex.

SMASHBALL: As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to destroy a ping-pong ball by hitting it with a special mace. It all sounds very simple, but if it were, it would not be a game.


And many more... (we will send you the full description when you apply)

From 25 to 200 players (2 to 10 people per team)

Duration: 1h20 of play

In French or English.

Indoors or outdoors (in your premises or in the places we can suggest)

Post review

06000 Nice

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Be Funky Games

Des Team Buildings déjantés sur Nice, sa région et une bonne partie de la France. 

Des animations tournées vers le challenge, le défi et l'Escape Game géan en plein air jusqu'à 200 joueurs. 

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