Kapla Challenge: Team Building Construction Group activity


Can you build a wooden Eiffel Tower within the time limit? Which team will be the most clever and creative to create the craziest interactions and the longest course of our giant Domino Party? How will your iron throne (made of kapla boards) look?

The challenges are as numerous as they are unusual.

They can be divided into two distinct types of activities: either an inter-team challenge, or a joint mission where the link between your employees is forged by linking each creation together.

Logic, creativity, concentration, patience and cohesion are the main virtues of this team building activity.

The Kapla game is a collaborative team building at the border between architecture and plastic arts. The 100% recyclable wooden plates illustrate the desire of this eco team building to focus on the concepts of "eco construction" and "sustainable development".

Each member of the team, as a real builder of modern times, must take on a new mission every 30 minutes. Ingenuity, creativity, mutual aid and good humour will lead to the construction of a new gigantic building.

The participants get together and coordinate their efforts to transform this pile of kapla boards into collective creations and spectacular structures that will have to remain stable until the end of the animation.

So roll up your sleeves, watch out for the constructions behind you and take on the collective challenges of our kapla building game with daring and dexterity.

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