The Greenwashing Survey: Sorting out the green from the fake Group activity


A climate awareness game rooted in our daily lives, for your CSR seminar!

What is "Greenwashing"?(Apart from yet another anglicism...) : Greenwashing is a marketing or public relations process used by an organisation to give itself a misleading image of ecological responsibility.

"Carbon neutral", "Offset", "Eco-responsible"... With all this jargon, it's easy to get caught out!

The survey is designed to directly apply the concepts transmitted by our specialised and educational facilitators.

In this team scenario, you will learn how to detect the unspoken words and circumventions in the evidence provided, and you will be able to evaluate the ecological ambition of 6 realistic companies created by us!

Concrete and documented.

Each company is based on existing activities, realistic elements, concrete issues and quantified impact reports. We use the figures published by ADEME and the recommendations of ARPP to present cases of greenwashing, but also of transparent and responsible communications on cases that can be encountered in everyday life.


We use proven survey mechanisms (quiz, document study, discussions with the facilitator, etc.) to create moments of exchange between the players and the facilitator, both in teams and at the level of the entire client group.

Capacity : From 8 people.

6 to 8 people per team.

Duration : 01H30

Set-up: 1 hour / Game: 1h30 / Dismantling: 30 minutes

The Plus:

A serious game on the carbon footprint of companies and greenwashing.

A team workshop where you learn to analyse the communications that pass before your eyes every day.

Immediate application guaranteed!

When to do this activity : During a CSR day or in the morning, fresh as a daisy!

In French or English.


Ipads and kakemono for the survey.

Facilitator trainer.

To be provided (we can propose you equipped places)

A room with a sound system

A microphone

Video projector

A control table

One table per team

Electrical access

Don't wait any longer to bring a CSR touch to your corporate event!

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